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Frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our products.

  • What distinguishes a bank account from a KalletPay Fintech Wallet?

    A bank account is a financial account held at a traditional financial institution, such as a bank or credit union, that allows customers to deposit and withdraw money, write checks, and perform other financial transactions. In contrast, a fintech wallet like KalletPay is a type of account that allows users to store and manage their funds electronically, usually through a mobile app or online platform. KalletPay partners with licensed banks to offer its services, but is not itself a bank. KalletPay relies on bank partners that have the proper licenses, NDIC membership, PCI DSS compliance and other necessary financial licenses in their jurisdictions. As a fintech company, KalletPay provides an innovative digital wallet, while its bank partners handle the regulatory requirements and protections of a traditional bank.

  • How is my money protected?

    KalletPay utilizes segregated accounts at reputable financial institutions to hold user funds securely. These segregated accounts are completely separate from KalletPay’s operational accounts, ensuring user funds are inaccessible to the company or its partners during day-to-day business activities. This separation provides an added layer of protection for KalletPay users’ money.

  • Are money transfer through your platform safe?

    Absolutely. Protecting users’ funds and accounts from fraud is a top priority for KalletPay. We continuously implement advanced security measures and technologies to safeguard against even the most sophisticated cyber threats and ensure the highest levels of financial security. Users can feel confident knowing that KalletPay is dedicated to keeping their money and information safe.

  • Are my data protected?

    At KalletPay, safeguarding your personal information is a top priority. We are committed to transparency about our data practices, including how we collect, utilize, and store your personal data. Our privacy policy provides clear information on what personal data we gather, our lawful reasons for processing this data, and how we ensure its proper handling and protection. We take data protection regulations seriously and implement robust security measures to keep your information safe. You can feel confident entrusting your personal data to KalletPay knowing we value data privacy and work diligently to earn your trust through our transparency and vigilance.

  • What IDs can I signup with on KalletPay?

    At KalletPay, we offer a simple signup process using your government-issued identification. You can easily create your account by providing your local ID card, driver’s license, or passport. Requiring valid ID during signup is a critical security measure that helps us prevent impersonation attempts and keep your account secure. Although providing ID creates an extra step, it allows us to verify your identity and ensure your account remains protected against unauthorized access. By taking this important verification step during signup, you can feel confident your money and information stay safe with KalletPay.

  • What are your exchange rates?

    At KalletPay, we aim to offer competitive foreign currency exchange rates for our users. However, the exchange rates you receive when buying or selling foreign currency will be slightly less favorable than the real-time market rates at the exact moment of transaction. This small difference is necessary to cover our costs as a business. While we work hard to minimize that spread between our rates and interbank rates, some unfavorability will exist. Our ultimate goal is transparency – we want users to understand that the exchange rates offered represent a close approximation of market rates, but will inherently involve a minor disadvantage as is standard in the industry. This allows us to provide excellent service while remaining a sustainable business.

  • How many virtual & physical cards can I create and what are the charges?

    With KalletPay, users can generate multiple virtual and physical cards per account, denominated in either NGN or USD. Usage of these cards will incur the following fees: Per transaction fee: $1; Minimum funding requirement: $5; Card creation fee: $2; Card funding fee: $1; Monthly maintenance fee: $1. By clearly outlining these card-related fees, our goal is to provide transparency into the costs associated with utilizing the card features available through your KalletPay account. We aim to empower users with the information needed to understand and manage costs when creating, funding, and using virtual or physical cards with their accounts.

  • Do these cards work with Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Paypay other services and websites?

    KalletPay cards can be used widely, with the exception of restricted merchant categories. Cards are not enabled for use on websites categorized as pornographic, illegal, or promoting illicit activities. This restriction helps us uphold ethical business practices. Aside from these limited prohibited categories, KalletPay cards remain functional for any other online or in-person transactions. Our users can feel confident using their cards for everyday purchases knowing we’ve implemented reasonable restrictions to align with moral business standards.

  • What more can I do if my attempt to make a payment on a website failed?

    Before adding your KalletPay card to PayPal or other platforms, first ensure your card is funded. These sites often perform a small test transaction during card registration, so the card needs to have a balance. If the website accepts PayPal, try that payment method instead, as it is generally successful. For step-by-step instructions on adding your KalletPay USD virtual card to PayPal, please follow or copy this link: [How to Make Payment on Popular Site]. Pre-funding your card and using PayPal when available are useful tips to facilitate smooth payments with your KalletPay card.

  • What currencies can users send and receive directly to their bank accounts using KalletPay money transfers?

    At this time, KalletPay enables users to send and receive funds in the following currencies: NGN, USD, RM, EUR, and GBP. We are working on expanding the capabilities to include additional currencies soon. While currently limited to those five currencies for transfers, we aim to continuously improve KalletPay by incorporating more currency options. This will allow users to move money internationally in even more currencies directly through their KalletPay accounts. We strive to keep enhancing our money transfer features to provide greater flexibility and convenience to our users worldwide.

  • What is the withdrawal fee?

    Contact KallePay

  • Chargeback & Dispute?

    We advise customers to carefully verify policies before attempting to use KalletPay’s virtual & physical cards on a website or platform. KalletPay does not process chargebacks or disputes. Customers are responsible for ensuring the intended card usage does not violate policies that could risk complaints, reversals, chargebacks, or other liabilities for KalletPay, its partners, other customers, or the customer themselves. Usage on prohibited high-risk merchant categories occurs at the customer’s own risk, and KalletPay cannot be held accountable. Please assess risks thoroughly prior to card use to avoid potential disputes or issues. Your prudent self-checks help maintain a smooth, compliant user experience for all.

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