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Buy SMS Numbers on KalletPay

KalletPay Support Team

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Steps on how to buy SMS Numbers for online verification purpose or to receive a one time sms

Step 1

Login to your KalletPay wallet

Step 2

Click on SMS Services

Step 3

  • Select Country ( the country number you want to use for the verificiation)

  • Select Operators ( the mobile service network - you are advised to select random.)

  • Select Services ( the platform or website you want to use the number to verify )

  • Copy the number generated for you and use it on the platform or website

  • Once that is done you will receive your code. Copy and pate the code on the platform to verify.

  • If you didn't receive the code after 20 minutes your money will be refunded back to your USD wallet


Please keep in mind that before you can buy SMS Services, you must first convert your NGN, MYR or other currencies to USD.

How to Buy SMS Numbers on KalletPay. click to watch video on youtube

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