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Create Dollar Card with KalletPay

KalletPay Support Team

Written by KalletPay Support Team

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Steps on how to create a Dollar Card on KalletPay

Step 1

Step 2

  • Click on Virtual Card

Step 3

  • Click on Create Card

To View your card details

  • Click on View ( This will show all of your dollar card information and details).

To Fund your card

  • Click on Fund ( Make sure you have enough money in your USD wallet to fund your dollar card).

To Withdraw from your card

  • Click on Withdraw ( Funds withdraw from your dollar card will be refunded back to your USD wallet).

To Freeze your card

  • Click on Freeze ( By clicking on the freeze button, you will temporarily prevent your card from being used by you or anybody else on any platform).


  • Please keep in mind that before you can create Dollar Card, you must first convert your NGN, MYR or other currencies to USD.

  • Dollar cards that have been deleted cannot be recovered or reissued with the same card number. Thus be cautious before using the Delete button.

  • You cannot create multiple virtual cards per account. While the charge includes -

    1. Charge Per Transaction : 0 USD

    2. Minimum Funding : 5 USD

    3. Card Creation : 2 USD

    4. Card Funding : 1 USD

    5. Monnthly Maintenance Fee : 1 USD

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