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Submit KYC Form on KalletPay

KalletPay Support Team

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Steps on how to upgrade your KallePay wallet & submit KYC Form

Step 1

Login to you KalletPay wallet

Step 2

You will see caption " Please submit your KYC information to carry on full access ! Take me there" or "Please submit your KYC information to have full access of all KalletPay Features ! Take me there"

Step 3

Click on "Take me there"

Step 4

Fill up the KYC Form with the right details and click submit


The information you provided will be verified by the government. Your KYC will be refused if it does not pass the verification process.

How to Submite KYC Form on KalletPay. click to watch video on youtube

How to re-submit your rejected KYC Form. Click here to watch video on youtube

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